Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CULTURA: Derrick, Zoe, Chloe, Maximus

These four posts represent everything you need in a cultural reflection post:

  1. Description of one specific cultural product
  2. Description of how that product is similar to examples from our culture
  3. Description of how that product is different from examples from our culture
  4. Connections to common practices in the culture
  5. Theories as to how those similarities and differences reflect perspectives
In addition, these four posts show exceptional insight in their comparisons and contrasts and their analysis of cultural perspectives.

Derricks Spanish Portfolio : Cultura: My product was a documentary that I watched on Netflix for my personal practice. This documentary was similar to American documentaries in the way...

Zoe's Spanish Portfolio : Culture Reflection:      Recently I have interacted with a youtube channel called Laura M Buitrago that does both covers and original songs in Spanish. Despite ...

GEC Chloe' Espanol Portfolio: Cultura: The song called Naqui by ChocQuibTown is similar to my own culture because love songs are in style. The people of my generation are eithe...

Maximus Hucks Spanish Portfolio/Blog: Culture Reflection v2: Tengo un Sentimiento - Alvaro Soler      This product is similar to other music videos I have seen in English.  The band or singer is o...

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